British Brass Band Tradition

English brass bands originated around 1840 primarily as musical groups of workers in large-scale industries – e.g., coal mines or large mills. A band, typically with 25-30 members, uses only brass instruments and percussion. The instruments differ from symphonic orchestral instruments and are characterized by a slightly different, softer timbre that blends very well in the ensemble. The tradition also includes a lively competitive environment.

You can get a listening impression from our YouTube channel. Also, checkout Wikipedia for more information about the British Brass Band Tradition.

Many exceptionally good British style brass bands can be found outside of the British island, such as in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, however in Germany this tradition is still relatively small.

With “Berlin Concert Brass” we want to bring this great music style closer to the audience and brass players in Berlin and the surrounding area. We offer a musical challenge for brass players, also by participating in competitions. Of course, it is important to us to have fun with the music and the community, which we would like to convey to a broad audience. In addition to exciting concerts.